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Where Efficiency Meets Reward.

Welcome to ECM, a company specializing in hand-bombing shipping containers for a flat rate. Join us to be part of a dynamic team of Industrial Athletes (Lumpers) that delivers precision and speed in warehouses across Canada and the United States.

Productivity Pay

ECM's payment structure is based on a flat rate. The more containers you hand-bomb, the more money you make!

Full Training Provided

Our management team is the most qualified and professional in the business. They were once lumpers! They will teach you the best ways to be efficient in order to make the most money.

No Capped Income

As long as you are following warehouse guidelines and safety regulations, there is no limit to how much you can make with ECM.



Open Positions

Select from the locations below to apply for an Industrial Athlete (Lumper) position

Mississauga Brampton
Delta Richmond
Calgary Edmonton
Point-Claire Coteau-Du-Lac
Sumner Auburn