What we do

We unload shipping containers  by hand to our customers receiving floor.
This could also be referred to as "lumping" or "destuffing".

When you choose ECM, you always pay a competitive 
prearranged flat rate for each container , allowing you to budget labour costs efficiently. Our associates are dedicated and self-motivated, finishing each task quickly and accurately the first time. 

Every container started is finished the same day.  You will never have to worry about re-work or late container charges with ECM.

  • We offer loading and unloading containers by hand .
  • All our associates are fully insured.
  • Easy online order request.
  • Efficient dispatch system.
  • If requested, tag each skid with SKU numbers to ensure easy organization of all products.
  • Sort and palletize product according to your specifications.
  • Give a full pallet wrap if required.
  • Pull out all pallets with a pump truck and place on receiving floor.
  • Complete inventory reports for each container unloaded, including product details and totals for your records.
  • Online container report access 24/7.

All ECM associates are WSIB-certified and work in Hi-Vis safety straps, ensuring you receive the most secure and accountable service available.